What if Katherine Harris Were Running for Senate?

OK, since the horrible video I blogged earlier has apparently taken down all of YouTube, here’s an alternate horrible video hosted elsewhere. This one isn’t quite as horrible, but it’s pretty darn bad: The Rejected Katherine Harris Campaign Video!.

Not for the weak, or even the strong (I didn’t make it to the end, as my flesh started to creep out of the room).

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2 Responses to What if Katherine Harris Were Running for Senate?

  1. HarrisMovie says:

    So, you liked the little video?
    It’s definately meant to be creepy.


    The Harris Movie Crew

  2. BroD says:

    I visited her web-site. Apparently, nobody told her she’s a loonie. She still thinks she’s running.

    I note that one of her issue highlights is “Katherine Harris’ Record on Behalf of Illegal Immigration”

    No, really–go look.

    No, it’s not a gutsy departure from the party line–just another wheel from the bandwagon wobbling down the road to nowhere.

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