Firefox and Thunderbird Updates

While we wait for super-fast Firefox 2.0, here are updates hot off the press: Firefox and Thunderbird

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3 Responses to Firefox and Thunderbird Updates

  1. Michael says:

    I’ve gotten so dependent on my extensions that I won’t run the alphas and betas any more — in fact, I won’t even run new major releases until the extensions catch up with them.

  2. dilbert dogbert says:

    I installed Foxfire on my hp laptop with XP SP2 and it caused the mouse pad to lock up. Kind of inconvient as I was working on a publishing deadline and needed to use the scanner attached to that machine to get photos ready for publication. This is what makes Grandma pull her hair and scream bloody murder.
    Foxfire is not yet ready for the big time casual user comunity.
    I knew how to recover once I realized that Foxfire was to blame. Had to reset the mousepad properties to get it to work right after the uninstall of Foxfire. Yikes!!!!

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