Digby Reads the Rove Playbook

I don’t know who Digby (the proprietor of “Hullabaloo”) is, but s/he has a scary smart analysis of the next page of the Rove playbook at The Theme:

The Republicans have figured out something that the Democrats refuse to understand. All political messages can be useful, no matter which side has created it. You use them all situationally. The Republicans have been adopting our slogans and memes for years. They get that the way people hear this stuff often is not in a particularly partisan sense. They just hear it, in a sort of disembodied way. Over time thye become comfortable with it and it can be exploited for all sorts of different reasons.

In this instance, there has been a steady underground rumbling about stolen elections since 2000. Now we know that it’s the Republicans who have been doing the stealing —- and the complaining has been coming from our side. But all most people hear is “stolen election” and they are just as likely to paste that charge onto us as they are onto them. It’s like an ear worm. You don’t know the song its from, necessarily, but you can’t get it out of your head.

We have created an ear worm that the Republicans are going to appropriate — and they will use it much more aggressively and effectively than our side did. They are already gearing up for it. As I mentioned a month or so ago, Karl Rove was at the Republican Lawyers Association talking about how the Democrats are stealing elections.

See, they’re doing it with all those illegal immigrants they have invited here to take your jobs…

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2 Responses to Digby Reads the Rove Playbook

  1. Lbd says:

    This meme–that Democrats are stealing elections–is nothing new. It’s the same strategy that the Republicans used in 2000 in Florida and in the 2004 elections. It’s the same old smoke screen, updated for Nov. 06.

  2. Brett Bellmore says:

    Yes, Republicans (And ONLY Republicans!) are stealing the elections. That nasty, nasty, Republican machine in Chicago…

    Both parties steal elections, in different places. The Democratic insistance that only Republicans do it reeks of denial, and not very plausible denial, at that.

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