Davis or Smith for FL Governor?

I confess that I have paid almost no attention to the Florida Governor race. Jeb is term limited and can’t run. The GOP primary candidates are running right, although the latest poll shows Charlie Crist well ahead of Tom Gallagher.

But now I learn that the Democratic primary candidates, Rod Smith and Jim Davis, are tied in the latest poll.

I am among the undecided, mostly for lack of information. Comments as to what distinguishes the candidates — both of whom seem to have been endorsed by pols I like — would be welcomed. I sort of gather that Rod Smith is the more electable candidate, but thought Davis had a decent record as a Congressman. But I could be wrong…

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One Response to Davis or Smith for FL Governor?

  1. Will says:

    Rod Smith has the next to last ranking by the League of Conservation Voters in the Florida Senate (including Republicans) whereas Jim Davis has an impeccable environmental record.

    Smith’s abysmal record is mostly due to his unrelenting protection of developer’s interests in the state. The land developers have been the base of financial support for Smith from the beginning of his political carreer and he has repaid that support at the expense of the environment.

    That relationship has most recently come to light in the 527 known as “Floridians for Responsible Government” which has been supporting Smith exclusively. As of the last financial filing, the group had raised $90,000 from a handful of wealthy land developers and close business associates. At least $30,000 of that came from Ed Dugger, the owner of American Institutional Services. Two days ago, the FBI raided his office as part of an ongoing investigation into a no-bid contract the company was awarded – a contract that was funded by the Senate committee on which Rod Smith serves as the Vice Chair.

    If you would like for me to continue, we can discuss Rod Smith’s campaign chairman, Chris Korge, who is about an inch away from an indictment as well.

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