I Say ‘Toh-ma-tow,’ You Say ‘Huh?’

Over at ‘Inside Higher Ed’ (a publication with an increasingly odd identity itself), Jewish in Polynesia describes the problem (eh?) of the absence of familiar stereotypes.

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One Response to I Say ‘Toh-ma-tow,’ You Say ‘Huh?’

  1. Does this confuse you?

    A great deal of my Introduction to Cultural Anthropology course involves getting students to rethink ideas of race and ethnicity in light of the anthropological concept of culture. However, I feel very uncomfortable asking my students to objectify themselves in class by asking them “as an Asian, how do you feel about this?” or lecturing my African-American students about supposedly innate black athletic ability. On the mainland I solved this problem by objectifying myself and examining, for instance, stereotypes about Jews.

    the logic is simple enough.

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