Things I Learned About the School of Communications Yesterday

  • The male:female ratio in the School of Communications is either 1:9 or 2:7 depending who you ask (the audience was 3:17)
  • That didn’t stop the panel from being four white guys.
  • The faculty in the School of Communications apologize to students for having a 10am Monday event which they assure me is “very early” and in fact “too early for most students.”
  • It is very hard to speak in a courtyard when planes fly overhead.
  • Many journalism majors go on to law school

I already knew they have an interesting faculty, so I can’t list that.

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2 Responses to Things I Learned About the School of Communications Yesterday

  1. Sue Ann Campbell says:

    My son having graduated from UM School of Communications said that so many females go into the business that any male who applies for a position like an news anchor is bound to be picked just so there is a male presence at the station.

    Look at our own local news stations. The majority of the on screen reporters and anchors are female,
    but the male model of authority still stands. That’s probably why the panel was all male…women do the work and men get the credit ( an editorial comment of my own that I just had to throw in there.)

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    This study has a lot of data about the gender and race compostions of various broadcasting occupations.

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