Not even cold in her grave, the Republican slime machine starts to desecrate Coretta Scott King’s funeral.

Yes, any time the opposition congregates it’s time to bring out virtual fire hoses. Uppity folk don’t know their place.

Given that the gloss on the sound machine has started to crack a little, it will be interesting to see how far this latest lunatic Rovian meme seeps out of cable and into so-called respectable journalism.

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2 Responses to Shameless

  1. bricklayer says:

    Your blog is descending further and further into the abyss of mindless dem talking points. I ask again, are you planning a run for office?

    One need only parry with gop talking points:

    Is this discourse?

    Glass houses and stones. Your blog was no different as Katrina unfolded, i.e. taking advantage of a national tragedy to implicate your enemies by innuendo and even explicit attacks:

    How wrong you were. A history of the comments about your hero Nagin is good for a chuckle:

  2. Michael says:

    Parry with GOP talking points“? Is that self-parody? Does anyone with intellectual credibility take GOP truthiness at face value?

    And are you suggesting that in retrospect (1) Katrina was not a total disaster, (2) the administration did not in fact totally screw up its response to the disaster, and (3) it hasn’t continued to totally mess it up, probably intentionally?

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