Monday Will Be a Challenge For Everyone

This should try the kids’ patience: UM will be up and running on Monday…but the local schools will not be. [UPDATE (10/29): the publc schools may be closed, but we’ve been informed that the kids’ schools will be open. Could be an interesting driving day.]



6:10 p.m., Friday, October 28


All classes, clinical activities, and events on all campuses will resume normal schedules on Monday, October 31.

All members of the faculty and staff are expected to report to work as scheduled on Monday. If you are unable to be at your work site as scheduled, please contact your supervisor as soon as possible and explain your situation.

The University understands that Miami-Dade public schools will be closed Monday and Tuesday. Therefore, employees are encouraged to arrange for school-age children to be supervised by family or friends. A second and acceptable choice is to bring your child to work, if that would be a practical solution.

Due to University closures for hurricanes this semester, a revised academic calendar has been developed for fall 2005.

I suppose if we still don’t have power, watching a DVD in my office will seem fun….

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One Response to Monday Will Be a Challenge For Everyone

  1. tweedledopey says:

    I can sympathize. Last summer, my sister got married the day that Francis hit. While we were lucky enough to have power at the reception, it was gone 15 minutes after the reception ended (I kid you not. We stood out there saying how lucky we were and moments later, the lights in the building went out). Arriving home, we found the power out and a tree limb had narrowly missed my other sister’s room. This was September, and even if it got sunny afterwards (I don’t think it did), it’s always humid in Jacksonville in September. Power came on a few days later, and it was the most glorious event in the world. Or our house. So take your kids if you don’t have power. Help them remember how to use light switches and computers.

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