So True

A New Moment of Truth For a White House in Crisis:

John D. Podesta, who was chief of staff to Clinton, said Bush may be more constrained by his troubles than Clinton was by his. Noting that Clinton’s approval ratings remained above 60 percent throughout the impeachment battle, while Bush’s are in the low 40s, Podesta said, “When Clinton said, ‘I’m going back to do my work,’ people cheered,” Podesta said. “When Bush says, ‘I’m going to do the job I’ve been doing,’ people say, ‘Oh, no.'”

It’s the gang that can’t shoot (or even lie) straight. People are fairly mad at FEMA down here, although the screwups being reported are just upsetting not life-threatening.

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  1. Bush won’t feel constrained, he’ll become resentful and start acting like the petulant spoiled child he is.

    We’re looking at three very long years….

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