Managing Expectations (Rove et al)

Regarding my previous post, Eric Muller asks “if Fitzgerald’s got the goods on the veep, why would he refrain from indicting?”

My point is more modest: at this stage of febrile speculation, with the number of indictments rising from rumor to rumor (4 … 10…24…), it’s time to manage expectations downward so that whatever happens can’t be spun as “less bad than expected”.

In fact, wouldn’t it be just like Rove to be leaking the inflated totals just to be able to say afterwards, ‘see it was only three of them’ or something of the sort?

Plus, trying to get people on record as to the resignations of unindicted co-conspirators covers the bases for the indicted ones too. And even if anyone says no resignation needed, you can always go back to them if there turns out to be any substance to the rumors.

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