Yale Law Journal Innovates Online With “Pocket Part”

The Yale Law Journal has done something new, interesting, and probably useful which it calls The Pocket Part:

The Pocket Part is the online companion to The Yale Law Journal. As members of the legal community know, legal publications often contain “pocket part” supplements with up-to-date information and commentary. The Pocket Part plays an analogous role. It features op-ed length versions of Journal articles and responses from leading practitioners, policymakers, and scholars. The Pocket Part also serves as a forum for our readers and authors to discuss legal scholarship.

While full-length scholarly works remain at the center of legal debate, students, professors, and practicing lawyers are increasingly turning to the Internet to read about, and comment on, developments in the law. With The Pocket Part, the Journal hopes to combine the strengths of both print and online media, broadening the readership and influence of traditional legal scholarship while enriching the dialogue among the academy, bench, and bar.

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