‘Legal Debate’ Blog for HS Debaters

Modestly downplaying her own considerable legal acumen, UM Law Lecturer Lindsay Harrison has started a blog called Legal Debate with this mission statement:

This blog intends to provide a forum for high school debaters debating this year’s Civil Liberties topic to engage in discussions with law professors about the topic. Many of the arguments that reoccur year after year in the debate community are areas where law professors have special expertise: federalism, presidential powers, separation of powers, the hollow hope, critical legal studies, etc.

My hope is that this forum functions as a site for clarification of debaters’ questions about the law, as well as a site for argument innovation.

Initially, I plan to solicit topic-related questions from high school debaters (and coaches). I will locate a law professor with some expertise on the question and will post his or her response on this site. From time to time, I may post my own thoughts on the topic as well.

I was never a high school debater, but the people who I know who were would have loved something like this.

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3 Responses to ‘Legal Debate’ Blog for HS Debaters

  1. Buce says:

    Uh, want to give us a link? I can’t seem to suss it out.

  2. michael says:

    Ooops.. I’ll fix that, but it’s here

  3. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for the shout-out. The debaters I have spoken with about “Froomkin from Discourse.net” are excited that I know you. You are quite the celebrity among 14-18 yr olds (especially those debating the merits of a biometric National ID system).

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