Attention Fellow Dreamhost Customers

I know that several readers of this blogs are fellow customers of Dreamhost. I’d like to ask you a favor. has a nice system by which users can vote on the service improvements they would most like to see implemented. As they put it, “Votes (strongly) influence what gets implemented, but do not 100% determine it!”

I’ve just contributed a suggestion for something I need, and I’d like to ask fellow customers to vote for it please: ‘Offer a “high cpu usage” plan.‘ If they’d do this, I could rebuild the whole blog without timeouts, and I could also fight spam more effectively.

You get to the voting booth by going to your web control panel, logging in, click on “home” in the top of the left column, then “Suggestions”.

That takes you to a page asking you to vote on a large number of suggestions, with the newest at the top. Currently ‘Offer a “high cpu usage” plan’ is third from the top. Every customer gets 40 credits worth of votes, and suggestions ‘cost’ 2-5 credits based on difficulty. Mine will cost you 4; you get the credits back if they decide to do it, or if they decide not to do it. Meanwhile, you can always take the credits back and repurpose them for a different suggestion later if you have something else you want more. So if you are not currently using your voting credits this will cost you nothing more than the time it takes to make a few clicks. Thank you.

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