Opera Browser Free Registration Offer

Opera, the alternative alternative browser, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. They’ll give you a free registration code for the full, ad-free, version if you send a note to registerme@opera.com before midnight tonight.

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3 Responses to Opera Browser Free Registration Offer

  1. kent says:

    To call Opera the alternative browser might appear to slight Firefox. I’ve never used Opera so I am in no position to compare, but I love Firefox.

  2. Michael says:

    As a firefox user, I agree. I called it the “alternative alternative” because Firefox is the “alternative”.

  3. Jon Moyer says:

    Yes, but… Opera was an alternative long before Firefox was even a twinkle in daddy’s eye. The Norwegians clearly earned their “alternative” label first.

    But no matter…they’re both strong alternatives. I use both, and like ’em equally well for different reasons.

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