Two/Too Good For Parliament

David Howarth and James Raven, both good friends of mine from graduate school days, are standing for Parliament as Liberal Democrats in tomorrow's election.

James is not going to get elected in Essex North (Colchester), even though he's a local — the Tory he is running against (someone my wife knew in college, small world) has one of the safest seats in the UK, even if he is now a discredited demoted former front bencher who tied his future to the ultra-conservative wing of the party.

David Howarth probably isn't going to get elected from Cambridge either, even though he's the perfect town-gown candidate being both a don and a councilor. He needs a 10% swing, which is a lot but not beyond the bounds of hope this year in that constituency.

Both of them look better in real life than the pictures on their campaign web pages. David's is particuarly awful.

Hey guys, I'm thinking of you.

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2 Responses to Two/Too Good For Parliament

  1. Cyberbug says:

    As the email from LD Hq this morning stated – let us vote for principles, beliefs and values.
    Hear! Hear! We are of to the Polling Station, which is a short five minute walk.

  2. elliottg says:

    Congratulations to your friend David Howarth. It wasn’t even close really.

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