Google Irony

As I write this, I am waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the Google Web Accelerator Download to actually happen.

It's an interesting idea. What I'd like to know is how often they refresh the cache? How will it know when my blog is updated? (And, will it affect counters? I was hoping to hit a million in a year or two…)

Update: I've saved 2.2 seconds! Whooo! (And given up substantial privacy about my browsing habits. What will Google be doing with my complete http: (but not https) clicktrail?)

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2 Responses to Google Irony

  1. What will Google be doing with my complete http: (but not https) clicktrail?

    On the one hand, they could use that data to improve their PageRank algorithms. On the other, they could combine it with all the search data, g-mail data, froogle data, orkut data, etc, they already know about you into a really creepy profile.

    More of my thoughts here.

  2. Michael W. says:

    For what it’s worth — I installed the Google Accelerator at the office and then at home yesterday and had problems with both. (I didn’t know yet about the problem at the one, or I wouldn’t have bothered at the other.)
    At work, the pc unexpectedly shut down, and continued to do so each time after restarting. I uninstalled it, but after I did so, discovered that it disabled my Firefox, so I had to reinstall that. Now Firefox seems to be OK.
    I had a different problem at work. I found I could no longer log onto my bellsouth webmail using Firefox as my browser. So I uninstalled at work, too, and everything appears to be back to normal.

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