‘Liquid Sky’–Still Controversial, But More Expensive

I remember going to see Liquid Sky in college, intrigued at what sort of indie art sex/drugs/rockNroll movie could get a rave review out of the Wall Street Journal. (I suppose that combination tells you something of what I was like then, and probably now.)

How bizarre to discover that DVDs of Liquid Sky now sell for $200! (Why so much? Why didn't / don't they print some more?) And how interesting to see the customer reviews at Amazon, including several saying 'best movie ever', and several saying 'worst movie ever'—notably the guy who suggested it would be cheaper and about as much fun to flush your head down the toilet, then cover yourself in peanut butter and sit near an anthill.

FWIW, I liked the movie.

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2 Responses to ‘Liquid Sky’–Still Controversial, But More Expensive

  1. Randy Paul says:

    I saw that film at the Waverly Theater back in the days when I worked in the film business. A couple of us were asked to go see it to find out if it would be worth our while to make a pitch for the non-theatrical rights.

    God I hated that movie, but I laughed uproariously through it. I guess I just didn’t have the right mind-set for East Village druggie chic at the time. We passed on it as we thought that the reaction from our customers would be about what the Amazon.com reactions were.

  2. Curtis says:

    Great film!! I saw it originally at the Inner Circle in DC. Very drunk that night but this film had a huge impact on me due to it’s eclectic nature. I found the VHS tape at a Blockbuster and bought it for $5.00 then got the DVD from Wintertainment when it was issued. Finally, I also scored the soundtrack on vinyl about three years ago. Definitely one of my Top Five flicks of all time!!!

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