I Think I See A Pattern Here

Purchasers of “Dr. Strangelove” also bought these.

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One Response to I Think I See A Pattern Here

  1. Dave Baldwin says:

    Yes, and on that note, let us not forget that, in October, Turner Classic Movies had four senators introduce their favorite movies, and the results were as follows:

    John Edwards–Dr. Strangelove
    John McCain–Paths of Glory
    Orrin Hatch–To Kill a Mockingbird
    Joe Biden–Dead Poets Society

    Obviously, Edwards is the smartest of the bunch, Biden the lamest. Both McCain and Hatch seem to be trying to pretend they are better people than they are by their choice of movies–since, despite their choices, McCain is clearly an obedient soldier and Hatch is clearly a bigoted pig–but at least the movies chosen are vastly superior to “Dead Poets Society.” Has Biden no shame?

    Anyhow, I can only now assume that Edwards is also a fan of “America; The Book.” And that’s the kind of person we really need as vice-president–a hopeful, good-natured, reluctant cynic.

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