A Bit Late

This useful piece of information from Ed Bott about a laptop holder that looks like it does what I wish a laptop holder would do, would have been even more useful about two weeks ago. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, as I was given the totally indulgent gift of one of these!

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  1. yabartleby says:

    England. “Extreme weather warnings” are issued here for 2 inches of snow. To make sure, we employ the failsafe of engineering incompetence: a little snow, rain or a few too many autumn leaves and the transport network shuts down thus ensuring that no one gets in much trouble. However, the same device is biting back increasingly hard as we concrete over flood plains and gardens and skimp on railway maintenance – flash floods and train crashes seem to be on the up.

  2. yabartleby says:

    Sorry! Of course the above comment belongs with the previous entry.

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