Delay, Delay, Don’t (re)Count the Votes

Is there any way to understand this sort of tactic as anything other than an attempt to prevent an honest recount: Ohio Official Refuses Interview Over Vote? (Note that the headline is British understatement — in fact the Ohio Secretary of State is apparently trying to get a court order to block having to explain the weird things he's done to lock out recounters, prevent observers from actually observing, and other very suspicious hijinks.)

Update: The Kerry-Edwards team have intervened in the case to preserve the evidence

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  1. Blackwell appears to be channelling Katherine Harris.

    Even more appalling than Blackwell’s attempted refusal to testify is his order to counties to not make available for public inspection the county’s precinct registration books — the ones that people sign in before they voted on election day. The observers want to make sure that the ballot totals actually add up to the number of voters who showed up—and Blackwell has ordered that information withheld until January 10—four days after the electoral votes are counted in Congress.


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