No Blogging Today

I am in DC at the AALS “meat market” — interviewing loads of very smart and charming people who want to be law professors. Already, I would like to take a large carload home with me and set them up in offices on my floor, and this this is only the end of day one.

But I am exhausted. So no blog today, and I bet no blog tomorrow, either.

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4 Responses to No Blogging Today

  1. roo roo says:

    Please set them loose, if you have contained and captured them, in Mississippi. I think they need lawyers. Or positive movement towards brainpower. Good luck.

  2. Jeff Cooper says:

    Good luck with the second day. I was on our hiring committee a few years ago and spent the two nights in the hotel in stunned wakefulness, uncertain how I had ever managed to get a job in such a market.

  3. alt hippo says:

    In case you happen to be in DC for a while, and would like to meet one your blog fans, it would be an honor.

    Kim (aka, Alt Hippo)

  4. Wait a minute. Smart AND charming? Well, that’s it, I’m out.

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