There Is A Limit to What People Will Do in the Name of Security

Having just done a lot of airporting, and removed my non-metalic sneakers to get through the security theater at National, I'm pleased to learn that there is a limit to the amount of nudity that people will tolerate in the name of security that and that people in the US are resisting the airport equivalent of x-ray specs. (spotted via W. David Stephenson)

I actually had a great picture produced by the promoters of a very similar device that I wanted to publish in my Death of Privacy? article, but they refused to give me permission to use it, and even took it off line shortly after I enquired about it.

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3 Responses to There Is A Limit to What People Will Do in the Name of Security

  1. PR says:

    I have a friend who frequently set off the alarm at the air port because of his artificial hip. Trying to make it easier to get through security, he showed up at the airport once wearing only a speedo swim suit. It turns out this tactic didn’t work. They wouldn’t let him through until he put on more clothes.

  2. Finally, a story of good security action taken in an airport. Speedos and an artificial hip just isn’t hitting me with the most appealing image, sorry.

  3. Wendy M. Grossman says:

    I note that I *still* have yet to remove my shoes at a US airport. This time, JFK let me wslk through last night in my Merrell Jungle mocs. No one even looked.


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