When Fafblog Does It, It’s Funny. When Kaus Does It…

Today's Fablog essay transcribes Giblets's rant against Cheap And Tawdry Political Tricks, to wit John Kerry's blasphemous mention of Dick Cheney's daughter's sexual preference.

Ms. Cheney is, among other things, the former gay and lesbian corporate relations manager for Coors Beer and member of the Republican Unity Coalition, a 'a homosexual activist Republican group' according to the CWA — not exactly a closeted role in life.

I can reveal, however, I have proof that Giblets is not the author of most of this essay. Indeed, other than the penultimate paragraph, the satirical part, this “Giblets” essay is materially similar to a rant I heard someone named Mickey Kaus give on NPR this morning.

Unless “Mickey Kaus” is a pseduonym for Giblets we can only conclude that Giblets listens to NPR! While adding a paragraph or two to the end of this rant transforms the meaning — from something offensive and smarmy based on innuendo and the idea that there's something wrong with being gay into a much funnier, indeed subversive, essay — one has to ask whether this sort of substantially derivative work with just a bit tacked on can be defended as parody.

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2 Responses to When Fafblog Does It, It’s Funny. When Kaus Does It…

  1. Yeah, here’s Mickey Kaus’ post on that subject on slate:


    And I admit. She’s as far from closeted as you can be. But I still can’t shake the feeling that the repeated mentions by Kerry and Edwards can only be consider either an attempt to paint Bush and Cheney as hypocrites because of their support of the anti-gay marriage amendment (I refuse to use the words defense of marriage), or to simply use the homophobia present in the Republican base to their own advantage. The former’s fine. They are hypocrites. Especially to consider it a defense of marriage to refuse the right to marry to those few people (did I mention I’m a divorce lawyer?) who seem to still value the institution enough to fight for it.

    Btw, last time in history I remember a prohibition on marriage, they beheaded Valentine for breaking it…so evidently we should all keep our eyes on the Vatican for the soon to come beatification of Gavin Newsom…or else on San Fran for his soon to come public execution…can’t argue with history.

  2. Pat says:

    Nuts to your precious NPR!

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