Bulge Watch (‘My What a Lot of Tinfoil Under Your Jacket Sir,’ Edition)

My brother's column today gets into the Bush bulge watch thing:

Salon is featuring a photo today that would appear to show Vanessa Kerry staring at Bush's bulge last night.

The bulge in question is what — again — looks like a rectangular object on Bush's back, under his suit. Here's the original photo.

Mike Allen wrote in The Washington Post last weekend that Bush's aides have “tried to laugh off the controversy.”

Dave Lindorff wrote in Salon yesterday that “speculation continues to run wild” about the bulge, and that the White House's half-hearted explanations don't seem to wash.

A new poll from the Economist finds that of those who had seen a picture of the bulge, 49 percent said they think it's caused by “a radio receiver so that his team could communicate with him during the debate;” 18 percent think it's a fold in the suit; 13 percent something else; 20 percent don't know.

Tim Grieve writes in Salon that Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman was repeatedly asked about the bulge yesterday, and finally said: “The president is an alien. You heard it here first. The president is an alien. That's your quote of the day. He has been getting information from Mars. The shock of the debate will be the president's alien past will be exposed, which is why that box is there.”

The problem with this story, as preposterous as it may sound to some, is that it risks perpetuating an image of Bush as a puppet. I think a lot of us are waiting for a definitive answer.

Someone should really ask Vernon Jordan who suggested the prohibition on photographing candidates from behind during the pre-debate negotiations and what reason if any was given. Because it's that condition, said to have been demanded by the Bush negotiators, that gives this story what legs it has. That and the consistent strangenss of the shape of the bulge. Oh yes, and the absence of a physical this year.

So, the three main things are the attempt to stop the photos, the consistent strangeness of the shape and Bush's decision to forgoe a physical before the election. Oh yes, and Bush's odd behavior during the debates.

So, the four main things that give this story its legs are the attempt to stop the photos, the consistent strangeness of the shape, the lack of a physical this Oh yes, and Bush's odd behavior during the debates. Oh yes, and also the fact that tin foil can be fun.

But no one expected the aliens to admit complicity in rigging the election for their puppet until the planet was almost unsuitable for human life due to global warming—which, combined with increased carbon dioxide and radioactivity will make it a perfect breeding grounds for

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4 Responses to Bulge Watch (‘My What a Lot of Tinfoil Under Your Jacket Sir,’ Edition)

  1. Dan Ryan says:

    Reportedly (which means I read this, but don’t remember where), Al Gore prohibited photographs from behind in 2000. But that wasn’t because of any robotic tendencies (plentiful though they were). It was because he didn’t want pictures of his bald spot.

  2. Best humor I’ve heard on this issue was on the Al Franken show this morning, he put on a bit of a skit, bringing on a Bush staffer (no, not really) to explain the bulge, who in fact was wired, and then bringing out the voice behind the curtain, who was also himself wired, etc…had to be there, but funny stuff.

  3. Randy Paul says:

    The president and his handlers [pun intended] don’t have the sense to realize that the bulge goes on the front and in the pants . . .

  4. PhilTR says:

    Not to spoil the good fun everyone is having with the Bulge’d Bush but, he’s probably wearing a back brace to slow down a condition known as ankalosing spondilosis (sp?) or “Widow’s hump” aka “Dowager’s hump. PhilTR

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