Tinfoil Redux

Spiegel Online prints a photo from the SECOND debate showing odd stuff under Bush's jacket.

The campaign denies Bush had any sort of help during the debate. I believe this: Bush didn't do well enough to have had help. So these strange wrinkles are either a coincidence, a medical device of some sort (why no physical this year?), or — perhaps — body armor?

Meanwhile, Jay Leno asked John Edwards last night what Edwards thought the bulge was. Edwards suggested it was Bush's battery. He also proposed the candidates be patted down before the third debate. I think he was joking.

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4 Responses to Tinfoil Redux

  1. jvandrade says:

    As I’ve seen on other sites (e.g., http://cryptome.org/bush-bulge.htm), this bulge has been evident for some time, not just this debate. Are there even more pics of Bush from the rear where this device is visible?
    As shown in the above Cryptome link, there is evidence that this is part of a package bought by the White House (http://cascanning.tripod.com/miscfreq/president.html).
    Many blogs are theorizing that Bush has some form of pre-senile dementia, basing this on his deteriorating speech patterns, so evident when you compare video from prior to his running for president to today.
    The use of this system provides an alternate explanation to his deteriorating speech patterns: if he is indeed being fed his lines via a prompter, his speech pattern could show that by using shorter phrases almost exclusively.
    The time between phrases would be equal to the length of the phrases. Hence, to preserve the appearance of natural speech, the phrases sent audially would have to be short so that the delay between them is short.
    If you examine his present performances, you can see that his speech consists of short 5-6 word phrases, consistent with this theory.

  2. All I know is this. All jokes about George DeParis’ last name and country of origin aside, this guy has been making presidential suits for 4 decades. Despite the White House’s assertion that this is a tailoring issue, there’s simply no way this is the suit hanging incorrectly…

    I can’t imagine an off the rack suit creating odd shapes like that one just from arm movements, but ask anyone who’s ever had a suit hand tailored by an expert, and they’ll tell you this is simply untenable…

    And by the way, you guys are starting out on a logical fallacy here…who says Karl Rove has anything better to say than Bush does…?

  3. Mojo says:

    I still say Bush just forgot to take the suit jacket off the hanger before donning it.

  4. Chris says:

    In an earlier post I had dismissed the wiring of the President as implausible, but THREE debates in a row with that same weird look in the middle of his back?? It’s too bad that mid-debate coaching/cheating still couldn’t get him to stop giggling and making lame jokes rather than answer any of the questions with something other than non sequiturs. Ugh!

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