Referrers Are Great

Thanks to the referrer script that runs at the bottom of the left column of this blog, I can discover that I get linked to by the most odd and interesting people.

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2 Responses to Referrers Are Great

  1. ABliss says:

    I’m one of those on your referrer list and yes they are interesting. I have noticed a pattern. It is not as intense as it used to be, I tihnk because the novelty of blogging is wearing off. Anyway the pattern is that sometimes if I list a blog on my page, my pages are then checked out, usually by an astute blogger. Then I notice their weblog becoming slightly altered or I see a rash of entries in response to content on my pages. Or I see them picking ideas, thinking about a piece of information and then later on communicating it as a keyword or phrase to represent their point of view or opinion.

    Do you see that? I’m not saying I am influencing people and changing their thoughts however refferer links are very memetic.

    I always enjoy your blog.

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