My Ballot Was Delivered

As I'm returning too late next Tuesday to vote, I voted absentee. It's a very long ballot, with many constitutional amendments (most, but not all, bad ones) and bond issues (hard choices – they lump good projects with bad ones to make several choices very debatable); I predict very long lines at the polls. I paid extra to have the ballot “tracked” when I mailed it, and the USPS gave me tracking number 0302 0980 0000 2813 9838. According to the USPS web site,

Your item was delivered at 12:13 pm on October 26, 2004 in MIAMI, FL 33102.

That doesn't prove they will count it of course.

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4 Responses to My Ballot Was Delivered

  1. peter jung says:

    I wonder if the Democratic Party in Florida and elsewhere is encouraging voters to show up early on Nov. 2? There are surely going to be GOP-induced technical snafus, and the early birds have a better chance of getting their votes counted….

  2. fiat lux says:

    I don’t normally flog my own blog in other websites’ comments, but I have a list of handy election day tips for voters here that may be relevent to this discussion.

  3. pgl says:

    You can increase your probability of having Jeb’s boys count it dramatically if you decide to put an X next to Bush-Cheney. Of course, I would rather vote Nader than for four more years of the most incompetent Administration in U.S. history.

  4. ? What are you saying, PGL. A vote for Nader is a vote for four more years of the most incompetent administration in U.S. history…I never suggest anyone simply not vote, but wouldn’t it be better simply not to show up and give Ralph Nader another excuse to interrupt a democratic hopeful’s chance at providing our country with new leadership in ’08? At the very least, hit pairavote, if you’re in a swing state…

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