Welcome to ‘Bricks on the Brain’

Welcome to Bricks on the Brain, a new blog by a UM law student. S/he doesn't provide any biographical information, but I'm guessing that s/he is not a first year student, and has

  • Keen powers of observation. (“Without a doubt the majority of UM Law professors are left-leaning. But usually politics are kept out of the classrooms, and policy issues within the law receive balanced coverage. … Students at UM are very respectful of each other's political and religious views. With one exception, I have never seen any flyers I felt were objectionable, inflammatory, or in bad taste. For political discussions on the Bricks, civility is the norm.”)
  • A taste for interesting questions (“Do private outline banks violate the UM Law Honor Code?”)
  • And last, but not least, a good grasp of the obvious (“Professor Froomkin['s] … blog focuses on politics. He clearly does not like president Bush.”)

One to watch.

Incidentally, on the question about outline banks, I'd be surprised, unless there is a rule against unintentionally passing on mistaken information….

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  1. Barry Freed says:

    OT: Michael, this page is suddenly displaying very strangely in Mac OS 10.3.5 running Safari. The two vertical columns on the side with the comments and blogroll and weather and all have moved towards the wider center column so that much of it’s text is obscured.

  2. I checked, I was curious too. If you the prof. say any particular material is unauthorized, then using it is a no no. Beyond that I can’t see a thing. And I really can’t recall any professor at miami telling me not to use any available material for study purposes…

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