Free Country Datum VI: Secret Service v. First Amendment

When the Praetorians start preventing the press from doing its job, that's serious: Bush uses Secret Service to keep reporters from protestors.

But of course the Secret Service are not tasked with protecting citizens from being attacked for exercising their rights, so they cannot be blamed for inaction when people are kicked or otherwise attacked by other citizens.

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One Response to Free Country Datum VI: Secret Service v. First Amendment

  1. Mojo says:

    Somehow it doesn’t make me feel any better that the Secret Service is apparently working as bouncers for both campaigns now.
    Cincinnati police and U.S. Secret Service agents escorted Russell (a heckler at a Kerry rally) from the building.
    The KGB were willing to be thugs for whoever took power. For some reason, the people of the Soviet Union didn’t appreciate their non-partisanship. (Obligitory note to freepers: No, I’m not equating the actions of the Secret Service with those of the KGB.)

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