Dan Tries Distributed Fact-Checking

My brother wants to harness blogs and their readers to do some distributed fact-checking of tonight's debate.

Let the Fact Checking Begin! And here's another way to make sure that the substance of Bush and Kerry's comments are fully and quickly assessed.

Some key political bloggers, who have so effectively proven their ability to hold the press accountable, will tonight be posting their own debate fact-checks — and will be asking their readers to find and document substantively incorrect statements by the candidates, as well.

I've already talked to several bloggers on both sides of the political spectrum and they're on board. I urge others in the blogging community to join in the experiment. Just make sure you e-mail me at froomkin@washingtonpost.com so I know you're out there.

In tomorrow's column, I'll link to the bloggers who are actively fact-checking and I'll try to highlight some of the best and best-documented posts.

Let's help out! (Although I suspect it would need to be a really excellent gotcha! to get through the Post's anti-nepotism firewall.)

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4 Responses to Dan Tries Distributed Fact-Checking

  1. Cédric says:

    Bloggers will react quickly – and that’s good. But I have also found on the web a body which mission is to check the facts. It’s called the Annenberg Political Fact Check, and you can find them at http://www.factcheck.org
    Interesting reading.

  2. Barry Freed says:

    Say, does anyone know if the debates will be on the internet? Where can I find a good live stream?

    My Cable TV is fcsked but my interent connection is fine.

    PLease reply here. I seem to have been locked out of my e-mail account for some time.

  3. killtunes says:

    Cruise over to CSPAN.

  4. Barry Freed says:

    THanks Killtunes, someone over in comments at atrios suggested that earlier.

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