You Rarely See Media Bias this Blatant

Via Atrios, the unbelievable bias of the “question of the day” on the MSNBC TV Front Page. Incredible.

Update: They edited it. But you can see the original reproduced here.

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5 Responses to You Rarely See Media Bias this Blatant

  1. Chris says:

    Great! Now I have a relevant and even more current example of a bad survey question for my research methods class. Let’s see…it assumes knowledge the respondent may or may not have (i.e., Giuliani’s speech), it’s vague (what does “support” mean), it’s a biased/leading question, it’s double-barreled. Anything else?

    It’s almost as good as “Are you for or against the murder of unborn babies?”

  2. I think its even worse, Chris, even forgetting the bias involved…even if you support the Bush-Cheney ticket, would you want to admit to such a facile and unresearched reason for your vote going their way? At least the bias isn’t self defeating if you ask someone if they’re against baby-killing, although the question is certainly loaded…

    Then again, if I were voting for Bush, I’d be grasping at straws trying to find some reason for it…

  3. I swear, its getting to be a race to see which one of these networks can go the lowest. Apparently, CNN is refusing to air an ad from the Log Cabin Republicans that encourages the GOP to me more tolerant…apparently “tolerance” is too controversial, but endlessly repeating the lies of the Smear Boat vets isn’t.

  4. Lol, attach my comment to the edited version. Now this is truly ridiculous.

  5. Chris says:

    Paul, it’ll get lower–MSNBC will tonight or tomorrow probably report something like “53% [or whatever] of respondents said they would support the Republicans more because of Giuliani’s speech.” This is about as bad–and the findings as useless–as the Cosmopolitan “Passion Poll.”

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