Comments, We Get Comments gets interesting comments. This morning, someone purporting to be Sgt. Lee Buttrill from the great advert, posted this comment:

I just wanted to say that I am the same Marine who was on ABC and if I had the ability to travel back in time knowing what I know now, I would not have sounded so positive on ABC. I saw the happy people of Iraq that day and I shared their joy, but I was misguided as they were. There was no plan for their future and no justification for us to be there other than the lies I uncovered in the following monthes. I hope everyone can understand that my statements at the time were based only on the information I had and not he bigger picture I have come to grasp.
Seargent Buttrill, USMC.

I'd like to believe it's really him… is the second Google listing for “Sgt. Lee Buttrill”…but if it were him, would he spell as badly as I do?

Incidentally, whether or not this comment is really by the real Buttrill, isn't the genuine Buttrill doing something as courageous as what Lt. Kerry did when he came home and spoke out against Vietnam?

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2 Responses to Comments, We Get Comments

  1. sure, why wouldn’t he spell as bad as a law professor?

    I have the feeling that this is genuine, mostly because it took two weeks from the last comment on that subject to the comment in question. Who BUT Butrill is going to comment in a dead thread like that?

  2. I agree its a courageous step. But he’ll probably get the same response as Kerry…changing your mind is waffling, after all.

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