LawFool Joins the UM Student Blogging Cohort

As noted by Jason Wolf in comments to an earlier item UM has another student blogger (that makes a net of three who I know of), LawFool. Judging only from what's visible this evening, he's at least as irascible as Wolf's own Random Acts of Meanness .

Nevertheless, if I were the Dean — perish the thought! — I'd be reading these guys ever day. And even though there's little I personally can do about the things that annoy them, it's very interesting to see the classroom from the other side of the podium.

(Even though I don't actually use a podium, and even though I haven't taught first years for some time now.)

Hey guys, look me up some time – Room 382.

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One Response to LawFool Joins the UM Student Blogging Cohort

  1. I will certainly say that, three years now away from U.M., I remember all of my professors, and most fondly. But one of only two teachers for whom I remember individual class debates is Professor Froomkin, as much as I remember probably driving him up a wall on more than one occasion as well.

    And, of course, being out of UM, and interested in LLMs at this point that have nothing to do with tax, estate planning, real property, or the continent of South America, I must not be just sucking up. You current UM Law students would be insane to waste the resource…

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