This Could Spell the End for Margaritaville

Wasting Away in Margaritaville isn't just Sen. Bob Graham's favorite song, it's more or less the antham of Key West and erratic points north as far as South Beach. Imagine the horror that will grip South Florida if it sobers up enough to learn that Mexico is threatening to cut off all bulk exports of Tequila.

Kidding aside, this has all the makings of a classic NAFTA reference, as Mexico will claim its motive in blocking bulk exports is product purity, and the US will claim it's just a cover for the real motive, forcing all those bottling jobs to move south of the border

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One Response to This Could Spell the End for Margaritaville

  1. Charles L. Gartrell says:

    “It is a Mexican Crime of economic
    Passion, messy and old fashion, that’s
    what The People will say…”
    C.L. Gartrell
    With a license from JB ?

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