Yahoo! Wants $299 for Listings

One of the few things I did to announce this blog (I’m still struggling with whether to send an email to the colleagues) is attempt to list it on Yahoo!

I looked around and the most appropriate category seemed to be Directory > Computers and Internet > Internet > World Wide Web > Weblogs >
Law so I clicked on the “suggest a site” button in that category.

My first reaction was, Wow! Either they’re desperate, or things have changed in the three years or so since I last tried to put something in the directory. For this is (approximately) what I saw (squeezed a bit to fit the blog):

Suggest a Site to Yahoo!

There are two ways you can submit a site to the Yahoo! Directory. If you choose Yahoo! Express we guarantee that your site will be considered by our editors within 7 business days.

Yahoo! Express
7- Day Guarantee

US$299.00 non-refundable,

recurring annual fee

° Required for commercial listings but available for any site
° Guaranteed and expedited consideration of your site within
7 business days
Learn more…

Suggest via


No time guarantee
Most non-commercial sites have been suggested to Yahoo! this way
Due to the volume of suggestions, we cannot guarantee a
timely consideration of your site.
Learn more…

Suggest via

Naturally, I didn’t pay the $299. I just figured it would be a few months, so be it.

It took four days.

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