An Unexpectedly Weird and Slightly Guilty Pleasure

There is obviously something slightly egotistical about starting a blog—the assumption that someone, somewhere, maybe with luck a number of someones all over, might care about what I have to say. I was prepared to plead guilty to that one. In my defense I'd say that the primary purpose was more to join what seems to be an ongoing conversation rather than simply to climb a soap box.

That said, at least in these early and little-travelled days, it's weirdly interesting and pleasurable to see who is linking to this site .

And one link in particular is just inscrutably odd and tantalizing. It reads, in its entirety, as follows:

"Prof. Michael Froomkin has a blog.
I will link to it
for reasons I cannot say."
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2 Responses to An Unexpectedly Weird and Slightly Guilty Pleasure

  1. Brad DeLong says:

    And when you write articles for law reviews, the idea that somebody might actually *read* them is the furthest thing from your mind?


    Brad DeLong

  2. Michael says:

    Mostly I write law review articles to be read, yes, but many of them start out with me wanting to understand something for myself.

    In any case, the evidence of actual readership is sometimes underwhelming, and inversely proportional to length of article (by which logic I should expect a flood of readers any second, no?). I do get cited a lot…but that’s not quite the same thing necessarily. The Internet stuff got read by law students, if only because it got assigned.

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