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Cute WikiLeaks Video

The important and imperfect WikiLeaks knows how to do video:

It’s called What Does it Cost to Change the World?.

Spotted via From Nader and Gravel to Assange: There Are Some Parodies Money Can’t Buy.

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Microsoft Seeks Patent for Skype-Bugging Application

I got interviewed for this article on Microsoft seeks patent for spy tech for Skype
‘Legal Intercept’ would allow it to silently record VoIP communications
, and said a few things.

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Your Welfare State In Action

Read all about it at The Washington Monthly, 20,000 Leagues Under the State.

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Damn Lies

Could it really be true that 99% of statistics are made up? Maybe so.

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Miami-Dade Election Results

Gimenez squeaked through.

There are 1,221,592 registered voters in Miami-Dade County. Only 199,862 — 16.36% — voted today. Numbers like that make believers in a small-R republican form of government shake their heads.

Gimenez won by 4,375 votes, about 51% of the votes cast. A clear win but no landslide.

Look at it another way, that’s about 0.358 % — about one third of a percent — of the registered voters in the County.

Numbers like that make political activists think their work has meaning.

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Nobody’s Voting?

Turnout was so low at my local precinct here in Coral Gables, that when I went to vote around 4pm and put my ballot in the drum, it fell straight to the bottom and hit with a resounding hollow CLUNK.

“Not much turnout today?” I asked the poll worker.

“Hardly anyone,” she replied.

I live in prime Gimenez territory, since this is part of the district he represented on the Commission. Slightly worrying that. Maybe they all voted early — I hear it was busy at the library on Saturday.

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My Lovely DMV Experience (Bonus Election Snapshot)

I had to go to the DMV to renew my 18-years-old pre-Real-ID drivers license. In theory if you have an appointment you should breeze right through, while droves of people without appointments — I counted well over 200 — wait and wait. But when I got there they inexplicably gave me a ticket for the non-appointment line. After 45 minutes, I asked why, given that I had an appointment, it was taking so long, and someone explained that I had the wrong ticket, and directed me to someone else who then gave me an “A” ticket instead of a “B” ticket. Some 15 minutes later, I was at the head of the line.

And that is the point at which the entire DMV computer system decided to take a vacation. Apparently this happens with some regularity. Somehow, however, I doubt that Governor Voldermort is going to invest in better computers for the DMV.

All in all, it took me three hours door-to-door, and it felt like eight.

On the way out, I passed two different storefronts in the (ugly and depressing) Mall of the Americas that were being used as voting locations for today’s Miami-Dade Mayor election. I sent my first ever phone Tweet, complete with a photo of all the exciting lunch-time voting action! The scene was pretty much identical in both storefronts, by the way.

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