Nobody’s Voting?

Turnout was so low at my local precinct here in Coral Gables, that when I went to vote around 4pm and put my ballot in the drum, it fell straight to the bottom and hit with a resounding hollow CLUNK.

“Not much turnout today?” I asked the poll worker.

“Hardly anyone,” she replied.

I live in prime Gimenez territory, since this is part of the district he represented on the Commission. Slightly worrying that. Maybe they all voted early — I hear it was busy at the library on Saturday.

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4 Responses to Nobody’s Voting?

  1. Just me says:

    I plead guilty. Was planning to vote today after work. Day went haywire. Was in fed court from 9:30am until 6:00pm. While it’s true that the polls were still open, I was so fried, and and so unmotivated to vote for either of these clowns that I went straight home. I grudgingly admit that I did not vote.

    • With 7/8 ths of the precincts reporting, Gimenez has a 4,000 vote lead — about 51% of the (lackluster) 16% turnout.

      Given where the precincts not yet reporting are located — i.e. not much in Hialeah — I think he’s won a squeaker.

      That poll showing a huge lead likely depressed his vote, making weak supporters complacent.

  2. scott huminski says:

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  3. Common Sense says:

    Guess the negative mailers worked in suppressing voter turnout. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in negative advertising and for what. Guess the Accountability Project or whatever it was called did its job…way to go Donner.
    At the Robaina Campaign Hugo and Ralph Arza deserve the big credit for running a low down dirty campaign.

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