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Too Real for Comfort

“Bosstown Dynmaics” (to be confused with Boston Dynamics) offers us this video of a not-very-hard-to-imagine future of robotic policing:

Stop Killer Robots 


Join the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

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WeRobot 2020 Submission Deadline Extended to Oct 7

Full details in the WeRobot 2020 Call for Proposals.

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The Robots Are Coming

Police in Washington County, Oregon, have responded to a distress call from a woman claiming her home was being burgled, only to discover a robotic vacuum trapped inside the bathroom.

Woman calls 911 over home invader. It was a Roomba.

Of course some day, someone really will figure out how to use a robot to do a burglary.  Or, more likely, subvert one via your smart home.

We’ll be talking about what robots are actually coming, what they may do, and how we should prepare for it, at We Robot 2019, which starts tomorrow. Advance registration is closed, but on-site registration will be available.

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We Robot 2019 – Read the Papers, Register for the Conference

Full text of the papers to be presented at We Robot 2019 are now available on our Program page. If you are attending We Robot you should read the papers before the conference.

We Robot doesn’t work like ordinary conferences: other than on panels, most authors do not present their papers. Rather, we assume everyone has done their homework, and go straight to the response by our expert discussants. What’s more, the discussants only speak for a short time, and then we open it up to your questions and comments. his makes for a much more interesting and engaging events, and takes advantage of the terrific people who come to We Robot – but it does mean that if you haven’t read the papers, you won’t be ready to take full part.

If you want to attend We Robot, please don’t forget to register.

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We Robot 2019 Video Promo

The good folks in A/V re-purposed some footage we shot for incoming students, and now we have a We Robot promo:

I think the camera adds at least ten pounds…

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We Robot 2019 Preliminary Program

We have an action-packed lineup planned for We Robot 2019. The main conference is April 12-13, with an optional workshop day on April 11. I’ve put the schedule below; you should register now for We Robot 2019 if you haven’t already.

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