Student Job: ‘We Robot 2021′ Conference Manager

Copright 'brizzle born and bred' Some rights reserved, need to hire one or more law students to help manage ‘We Robot’, a major conference on legal and policy issues relating to robotics, to be hosted by the law school on April 8-10, 2021. It may be live, virtual, or both, we don’t know yet. The job requires organization skills and writing skills. While there are many miscellaneous tasks involved, the three biggest jobs before the event will be: 1) Managing the flow of proposed and then later accepted or rejected papers; 2) Writing online summaries of all the accepted papers; 3) Helping out with fundraising.

Workflow is unfortunately somewhat erratic; there will be slow weeks and weeks with up to 10 or even 15 hours of work. You would also be asked to attend and assist with the conference.

To apply please email me at, attaching your c.v., an unofficial transcript, and (if you have one) either a non-legal writing sample (preferred) or a paper written to satisfy a law school writing requirement other than LCOMM, plus some dates and times you would be available for a zoom interview in the week of Aug 24th. Please put WE ROBOT 2021 and your name in the subject line of your email..

Salary is at the UM Research Assistant pay scale, which is $13/hr for new hires.  UMiami Law 2Ls and 3Ls are welcome to apply. I regret that I am unable to pay students from other law schools.

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