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  • Strange doings at Duke Divinity School, with intimations of Political Correctness and threats to academic freedom? That’s what the American Conservative says. And if this is in fact a fair rendering of the facts (not utterly obvious as there’s hints of a two-year back story), they seem to have something of a case. Brian Leiter is on it.
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What They Said

Some links today. Click through – there’s always lots more goodness waiting.

  • Hullabaloo (Digby), QOTD: Robert Borosage: “There is an idiocy about our current national politics that is simply stupefying. We are sitting idly, watching, and suffering, as our nation disintegrates into a run-down backwater.” (See also, Daily Kos, A bridge falling into the water and a vision for the future gone missing)
  • DownWithTyranny!, Can The Democrats Retake The House Next Year?“: “One of the easiest districts for a Democrat to win would be FL-27, the seat now held by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. But there is no recruitment; there is anti-recruitment. DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has made it abundantly clear to Florida Democrats that she will not tolerate anyone credible running against Ileana, who, like her, is owned by the sugar baron Fanjul brothers. Last year Obama’s 7 point margin in FL-27 was one of the highest margins of victory in any district held by a Republican Member of Congress. But Wasserman Schultz had the DCCC make sure there would be no viable candidate.”
  • Political Animal, Apple: Living the Lie: “I have three laws of politics. I don’t know if they explain everything, but they often explain something, and that’s enough for me. Malanowski’s First Law of Politics is that the rich and powerful will always act in their own self interest. Malanowski’s Second Law is that the rich and powerful will then get the rest of us to act in their interest as well, usually by making us believe that we hold this interest in common. Malanowski’s Third Law is that when the rest of us figure out ways to act in our own self-interests, the rich and powerful are likely to outlaw whatever we’ve come up with.”
  • Greek Yogurt considered dangerous (for the environment): Modern Farmer, Whey Too Much: Greek Yogurt’s Dark Side (via NakedCapitalism, Links 5/25/13).

OK, enough gloom and doom.

What? You miss the gloom and doom?

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Turkeys and Thanks

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Good Reading

The Poor Get One Strike; Banks Get Thousands – Frank Pasquale compares the fate of rich people engaging in massive organized fraud to that of poor people who have the misfortune to be present when someone else commits a crime.

Japan’s Secret Plan to Dominate the World – Kevin Drum wants to know if there is anything to this amazing conspiracy theory, based on a claim that bureaucrats intentionally understated the health of their economy.

SEC Announced Latest Chump Change Settlement With GE Funding The Friday Before Christmas. Hmmm… Crooks & Liars’ SEC Whitewash Watch.

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Interesting Things Online Today

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