Worth a Look

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  1. Marcinko says:

    On the first article, one might note that they’re was no clear and present danger about having knives on planes (!) Before 9/11 either. In fact, I once had a United crew laugh at me because I reported that the guy across from me was carving fruit with a knife. Clear and present dangers are almost always in hindsight. That’s what makes the phrase so insidious in it’s usage. (And do you also support Reason’s stance on no masks for children?)

    Your second citation is just a one paragraph opinion made by someone who knows advisory nothing about military retrograde motions. They’re was very clearly no cogent plan, and everybody knew the Afghan government would fall. It has already been collapsing all over the rest of the country for months. It’s the Afghan way. It’s the cultural way that tribal societies work and always have in that region. To say there was a great plan, but that it could not account for that obvious contingency is to admit that there was NO plan worth having.

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