They Really Are Insane

DeSantis Signs Law Deleting Climate Change From Florida Policy:

Florida’s state government will no longer be required to consider climate change when crafting energy policy under legislation signed Wednesday by Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican.

The new law, which passed the Florida Legislature in March and takes effect on July 1, will also prohibit the construction of offshore wind turbines in state waters and will repeal state grant programs that encourage energy conservation and renewable energy.

The legislation also deletes requirements that state agencies use climate-friendly products and purchase fuel-efficient vehicles. And it prevents any municipality from restricting the type of fuel that can be used in an appliance, such as a gas stove.

I guess they’re in a hurry to force the state under water?  Won’t take much….

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3 Responses to They Really Are Insane

  1. Eric says:

    “Let’s say all that happens. You think that people aren’t going to just sell their homes and move?”

    Benjamin Shapiro, Harvard-trained J.D.

    The fact that his initials are quite literally BS is prima facie proof that he is completely full of shit.

  2. This is a candidate for Dumbest Comment ever made on this blog, although alas probably not the leading contender. It’s disqualified from the competition for Dumbest Argument because it is not an argument, just a silly ad hominem.

    In any case once the salt water gets into the aquifer a lot of people will be moving out. They won’t have a choice.

  3. Eric says:

    And then Aquaman be like: hold my spear.

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