Electronic Intrusions Not Yet Hated Enough to Stop

Seems like I’m not the only one fed up with emails and texts I didn’t sign up for. Comes Crooks & Liars with Democratic Fundraising Spam Is Turning Off Democratic Voters, citing the results of a new survey commissioned by DailyKos and Civic Shout. But we’re not a majority yet.

Maybe the punishment will stop?  Nah, no chance until that “Agree” number gets much larger.  Which, as the volume of calls and texts (and texts and texts) goes up, it will.

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2 Responses to Electronic Intrusions Not Yet Hated Enough to Stop

  1. Vthestste says:

    What makes you think …we will get what we want? We want a lot of things (think no robo calls or $ out of the electoral process) and even when there is vast consensus ….nada

  2. Doug Holland says:

    I’ve found a wonderful and easy way to avoid the spam and phone calls and junk mail begging for more and more contributions. I no longer contribute to political candidates and causes. Works great!

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