If It’s a Commie Plot, Why Aren’t ‘Patriots’ More Into Fighting It?

Doug Holland’s comment on the previous post sparks an interesting question I have not seen raised elsewhere.

Holland writes, in the context of vaccine resistors,

The whole endless show is an invitation to the Russkies or Chinese. If they ever have an urge to attack, like we’ve been told for decades they’re itching to, they should use a biological agent against Americans. Even if there’s an easy way to prevent the infection, millions and millions of us are so stupid we’ll refuse it.

Which makes me wonder: I would imagine that many of the same people who object to COVID vaccinations also think COVID was released from a Chinese lab. Thus, the “China virus”.

But if you really thought that COVID was a Chinese plot, why wouldn’t you, as a patriotic, red-blooded, American, want to be first in line to defang that plot? Even if it meant wearing masks everywhere and taking a supposedly ‘untested’ vaccine [corrected] with various mysterious risks that you heard might have felled someone’s cousin’s friend?

Indeed, neither vaccination nor mask-wearing has been sold much as a patriotic activity. Why is that?

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4 Responses to If It’s a Commie Plot, Why Aren’t ‘Patriots’ More Into Fighting It?

  1. ben says:

    ‘untested’ virus -> ‘untested’ vaccine

  2. Glen Tomkins says:

    Well, if you were as advanced a thinker in the area of strategery as these people, you would see that the Chinese plot is not to kill us off with the virus, but to kill us off with the vaccine! So there, QED, plain as day, simple logic.

  3. James says:

    You don’t understand the logic because your statement of it is just a straw man argument and doesn’t itself make much sense.

    Whether or not the virus was created in a lab or not (not to mention, if it was, purposely released), had absolutely nothing to do with whether one might be patriotic or not. And neither of those questions have nothing to do with whether one might have reluctance to take a particular vaccine or not.

    You are confused by it probably because you don’t actually I the actual arguments being made, or simply misstate them to your own ends.

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