The World Turned Upside Down

Germans — notorious for being hardworking — are told to adopt the ‘stay lazy at home’ mentality to defeat COVID.  Here’s another COVID public service ad running in Germany:

How come we don’t have ads like this here?

PS. Currently the German death rate from COVID is about one fifth (20%) of ours, on a per capita basis.  (Per Wikipedia COVID-19 Pandemic Death Rates by Country)

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One Response to The World Turned Upside Down

  1. Eric says:

    Why do you ask questions when you don’t want to accept the science?

    In a previous comment, you posted misinformation about the common cold not being deadly. However, it’s a verifiable fact that the common cold (mainly rhinovirus) is actually quite lethal to children and the elderly. In fact, it’s more lethal than influenza in the nursing home setting.

    Are you able to at very least read the abstracts of these links and correct yourself?

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