The Case for Bernie?

Bernie Sanders is not my #1 choice for the Democratic nomination — I think Elizabeth Warren would be a much better President — but stories like this one really make the case for the abolition of billionaires.  (For the record: I’m not against billionaires per se, just for real progressive wealth taxes.)

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3 Responses to The Case for Bernie?

  1. Just me says:

    There is no case for Bernie. He’s just the other side of the extremist coin. Trump and Bernie are caricatures of the worst that their respective parties have to offer. What a sad state of affairs if Bernie is nominated.

    I am watching a growing number of my friends, colleagues, and family members convincing themselves that they can, if pushed, vote for Trump in November even though they didn’t vote for him in 2016. That’s a bad trend even if Bernie doesn’t ultimately get the nomination. These moderates are so turned off by Bernie that they are normalizing Trump’s presidency in their minds.

    Beware of Bernie. If you’re a democrat, vote in the primaries, and vote for whomever is most likely to defeat Bernie in the primary on your election day. Don’t just take my word for it. Read this:

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