This Campaign Is on the Right Footing

This Bigfoot-themed campaign commercial is pretty good.

It’s in suppoprt of Democrat Dean Phillips who is running against the incumbent, Erik Paulson, in Minnesota’s 2nd congressional district, a district that Clinton took by nine points in 2016. Thanks perhaps in part to this commercial, Phillips is now thought to be a tiny tiny bit ahead.

There’s a companion web site if you want more.

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One Response to This Campaign Is on the Right Footing

  1. Chris says:

    As a Minnesota resident (and Miami Law grad from the lost generation (class of 2010), I have to say this is the most inventive and entertaining political ad I’ve seen around here in a long time. Funny, not shrill, no ominous music. I have no feel for this race, as most people I talk to seem to be equally lukewarm, at best, about both candidates. But this ad is much better than Paulsen’s current radio spot, which focuses on how “Dean Phillips has mansions. Yes, more than one.”

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