The Center Isn’t Where You May Think

Short of space aliens abducting the President and Vice-President, 1 perhaps the best quick fix for US politics would be to have both people and pundits acknowledge that the public is now very firmly centered on a suite of actually quite milquetoast progressive policies.

If that idea would only penetrate, we might see those who oppose those widely popular policies being asked why they are bucking what the voters want. It’s likely that the local/regional support for these policies is unevenly distributed, but with these levels of national support it has to be the case that most legislators represent districts that don’t want to jail kids for smoking a joint, but do want affordable college, national health of some kind, and to get out from under the evil thumb of their arrogant spying price-gouging local ISP.

  1. Wait a minute, that makes Paul Ryan the President. Never mind.[]
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  1. anon says:

    Lana del rey just boycotted playing in Tel Aviv until Palestinians could attend her show equally with israelies. That is awesome. I am registered green party, my “gay” husband is a democrat and a little more conservative, but we will both vote democrat now for governor and are excited. I think the center has been portrayed as being far to the right.. but i think it is much further to the left. I am hopefull there can be a left resistance to the current craziness. Thank you for your blog and insight.

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