Best News Story of the Week?

Parrot mimics owner to make purchases using Amazon Echo

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  1. howie says:

    My brother has an African grey – that’s funny! The news is ridiculous. I’m here in Russia on a one month language immersion, got out just after MIA reoponed after Irma, and news is just as crazy here to watch as in US. But reading the story about the NFL from here is funny because months ago I was criticizing on this blog Ruth Bader Gindsburg’s reaction to pledge of allegiance protest by athletes and now it seems to have become popular since Trump dislikes it. I wonder what she thinks now about our right to burn flags, refuse to pledge etc. I have talked to several Russians about it and described my right to do that as very American. Here is more nationalistic. Ginsburg might disagree with me. Its all just more and more incomprehensible. Better to just create artificial realities of birds and amazon and forget the craziness all around us, not!

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